REMINDER: Arizona Republicans Voted Against Saving Arizonans’ Pensions

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Contact: Aida Ross, 
REMINDER: Arizona Republicans Voted Against Saving Arizonans’ Pensions 

PHOENIX — Today, President Biden announced a new American Rescue Plan rule that will protect Arizonans’ and millions of Americans’ pensions — particularly people in multi-employer pension plans who would otherwise have seen substantial cuts to their benefits. Arizona voters deserve to know that every Arizona Republican in Congress voted against the fix.

“It’s simple: Democrats believe that you deserve the retirement benefits you’ve earned,” said Arizona Democratic Party Spokesperson Aida Ross. “Extremist Republicans are advocating for a plan to end Social Security and Medicare guarantees from millions of Arizona retirees and their families — benefits they’ve worked so hard for their entire lives. While President Biden and Democrats are saving working Arizonans’ pensions, Republicans want to put your retirement on the chopping block.” 

This new pension rule will protect more than 200 multi-employer plans that were on pace to become insolvent in the near future, which could have led to pension cuts for 2-3 million workers and retirees across the country. Thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, pension funds that receive Special Financial Assistance are projected to remain solvent at least through 2051.

Voting against this fix is not the only way Republicans have threatened to put Arizonans’ retirement benefits at risk. The only plan put forward by Senate Republicans could put Arizonans’ Social Security and Medicare benefits on the chopping block, impacting the nearly 1.4 million Arizonans who rely on Medicare for their health coverage and over 1.4 million Arizonans who receive Social Security benefits each month to help cover everything from rent to putting food on the table. 


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