RECAP: Rep. Gallego, Arizona Veterans Condemn Blake Masters’ Attacks on U.S. Military

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Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

RECAP: Rep. Gallego, Arizona Veterans Condemn Blake Masters’ Attacks on U.S. Military

At #AZSen Debate, Masters Doubled Down, Saying There is “Rot” in American Armed Forces
PHOENIX — On Monday, four Phoenix-area veterans including Congressman and Marine Corps veteran Ruben Gallego held a press conference condemning Blake Masters’ pattern of attacking American military personnel, highlighting his previous comments calling them “totally incompetent,” “woefully inadequate,” “piss poor,” and “embarrassing.”

  • Rep. Ruben Gallego, U.S. Marine and Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran: “Saying that we need to fire generals and get more conservative generals in there, politicizing our very professional military. You are saying something that is both dumb and dangerous.”
  • David Lucier, U.S. Army Green Beret and Vietnam War veteran: “Now let’s get something straight. Blake Masters has never served this country, and he hasn’t a clue as to what it means to serve and to sacrifice. […] So tell me this, Mr. Masters, what do you think gives you the right to attack our military and insult veterans like us?”
  • Luis Cardenas Camacho, U.S. Marine and Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran: “His comments are shameful and nothing short of disqualifying. Most importantly, these comments speak for themselves and show us who Masters truly is. Blake Masters is dangerous, he’s dishonorable, and he’s unfit to represent the great people of Arizona.”
  • Kate Smith, U.S. Air Force Academy Graduate and veteran: “Here in Arizona, there are about a half a million veterans. The Senator for Arizona has to represent those half a million veterans. And he called us names. And there are about 20,000 active service members, men and women, who are dedicated to serve our nation here in Arizona. Our Senator needs to understand that and respect our sacrifice, the sacrifice of our families.”

See for yourself below:

Fox Phoenix: Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego Speaks Out Against Blake Masters’ Military Criticism

  • But Democratic Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego, who’s a Marine, is condemning Blake’s comments that there’s “rot” in the military.
  • Gallego was joined by Phoenix-area veterans who disagree with Masters’ point of view…Masters, though, has called some U.S. generals “woke corporate bozos.
  • [Congressman Gallego said,] “When you are you’re out there and spewing these hateful things, these misguided things, how can we trust you to be a Senator?”


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