RECAP: Local Leaders Call on #AZSen Candidates to Reject Corporate Special Interests, Finally Pay Attention to Arizonans

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Thursday, February 3, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

RECAP: Local Leaders Call on #AZSen Candidates to Reject Corporate Special Interests, Finally Pay Attention to Arizonans  

PHOENIX — Earlier today, Senate Democratic Leader Rebecca Rios, House Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding, and Rev. Katie Sexton-Wood held a press conference to call on the crowded, chaotic field of GOP Senate primary candidates to commit themselves to the Mark Kelly standard of good government — one where corporate special interest groups can’t buy influence and power with elected officials.


And while Mark Kelly is working to put power back in the hands of Arizonans, candidates in the messy, out of touch GOP Senate primary are proving they’ll always put their own political ambitions first:

  • Jim Lamon built an entire career as a professional political donor, buying influence in politics, and reportedly even buying senate endorsements;
  • Blake Masters is beholden to his Super PAC benefactor and current boss Peter Thiel for both a $10 million contribution and his employment; and
  • Mark Brnovich has a long record of putting his corporate PAC donors and personal political ambitions over his constituents.


Here’s what the speakers at today’s press conference had to say:


Senate Democratic Leader Rebecca Rios:

  • Republican candidate Mark Brnovich has spent his career in office prioritizing his donors […] he’s willing to do and say anything if it means scoring a quick campaign contribution.”
  • ​​Blake Masters’s entire campaign relies on the backing of a $10 million Super PAC — which is paid for by Blake’s current boss and tech mogul Peter Thiel. With all that money pouring in on his behalf, I wonder who Blake is really planning to listen to if he’s elected.”
  • So far each of these Republicans seems to care more about their political careers and an election decided way back in 2020 than actual Arizonans.”
  • Everyone running, from California tech tycoon Blake Masters to Mark Brnovich to Jim Lamon — who’s already given himself a crazy $8 million for this race — must immediately step up and answer if they’ll reach the Mark Kelly standard. If they’ll do what’s right and put Arizonans first. And if they’ll join these efforts that stand outside of normal partisanship to make sure our government puts people first.”

House Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding:

  • As it exists now, our system is rigged in favor of powerful corporate special interests. Campaign finance laws allow big corporations to buy their way onto the floor of Congress while hardworking families are ignored.” 
  • Just look at Senate candidate Jim Lamon – he’s a professional political donor turned candidate who has already loaned himself $8 million this cycle. His entire political career rests on his past of buying influence with Republican politicians to suit his own needs.”
  • I go to work every day to fight for Arizonans, not special interests. This work would not be possible without true partners in Washington like Senator Mark Kelly who are doing the hard work to ensure that our system can change for the better.”

Reverend Katie Sexton-Wood: 

  • As an interfaith organizer, I’ve worked with Senator Kelly on the issues that matter most to our community members. We’ve worked together on environmental issues, water distribution, and more — and that kind of accessibility and open conversation is exactly what we should expect from our elected leaders.”
  • The Senator is always open to connecting and having conversations with Arizona Faith Leaders because he takes his oath of public service seriously. In a system riddled with corruption and a lack of transparency, his commitment and leadership matter.”


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