REALITY CHECK: Kari Lake Border “Plan” is Unconstitutional and Untenable

For Immediate Release
Sunday, October 23, 2022
Contact: Josselyn Berry,

REALITY CHECK: Kari Lake Border “Plan” is Unconstitutional and Untenable


We can always count on Kari Lake to play politics with peoples’ lives while completely ignoring the actual issues at hand. When it comes to securing our border, Lake offers zero workable solutions. Tonight, she reiterated her dangerous plan to declare an invasion at our southern border if elected — a completely unhinged and unconstitutional stance that would do absolutely nothing to increase border security. Not to mention the immense amount of chaos it would bring to our state, our economy, and countless Arizonans’ lives. Unlike Lake’s political stunts, Katie Hobbs will focus on getting more resources to border law enforcement and communities — a plan endorsed by two of Arizona’s own border sheriffs. Hobbs will also advocate for comprehensive immigration reform, including a fair path to citizenship, and defend DACA for Arizona’s DREAMers.


  • Lake supports Arizona seceding from the union, which would be disastrous for our economy, and kick federal agencies like the U.S. Border Patrol and the Drug Enforcement Agency out of the state and close our military bases.
  • Lake supports defunding our nation’s leading law enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which plays a role in securing our border by catching drug traffickers and terrorists, stopping human trafficking, and partnering with Mexico to hold criminals accountable.
  • Lake said she would have the state finish a border wall, which was fact checked “false” given the limits of the Governor’s authority, and would be “complicated and costly” considering Arizona’s budget.  Plus, such an action would violate federal and tribal land.


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