Questions Ducey Must Answer Around His Final State of the State Address

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Monday, January 10, 2022
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Questions Ducey Must Answer Around His Final State of the State Address 

PHOENIX — Today, Governor Ducey is slated to give his final State of the State address, where he’ll attempt to define his legacy as one of success — but Arizonans aren’t buying it. Because looking past all of the smoke and mirrors, it’s clear Ducey’s legacy is one marked entirely by corruption and incompetence.

After all, Ducey is entering his final year in office with his administration under investigation from the FBI, his signature executive accomplishment struck down by the Arizona Supreme Court, and still holding the title of former President Trump’s favorite punching bag.
To that end, here are some questions Ducey owes Arizonans in his final address:

  1. Is there any explanation for Ducey’s decision to force Arizona taxpayers to dole out $100 million in tax refunds to one of his campaign donors, and to fire those who stood in his way, other than blanket political ambition?
  2. Has Ducey personally spoken to the FBI now that his administration is under investigation following this scandal?
  3. What does Ducey have to say about his well-documented record of handing out tens of millions in no-bid contracts and grants to his donors?
  4. How can Ducey still justifiably argue he supports government restraint when he paid out $5.8 billion in erroneous unemployment benefits to fraudsters — a sum that could run the entire government for 6 months?
  5. Does Ducey consider his major economic revitalization effort – the Back to Work program — a success even as — at most — only 17% of the funds he’d allocated to incentivize Arizonans have actually been used?
  6. Ducey previously said that he’d “look forward” to leading the passage of additional anti-choice legislation in Arizona. Is that one of his legislative priorities for this session, and would Ducey endorse an Arizona version of the Texas abortion ban?
  7. With Trump coming to town next weekend, does Ducey stand by his certification and defense of the 2020 election given the harassment he’s borne from the former president ever since?


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