President Biden Makes Historic Investment in Arizona’s Clean Water Infrastructure

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Thursday, February 22nd, 2024
Contact: Victoria Opperman,

President Biden Makes Historic Investment in Arizona’s Clean Water Infrastructure

ARIZONA– As clean and accessible water continues to be a critical issue for Arizonans, President Biden and Vice President Harris announced $6 billion from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will expand access to clean drinking water, replace lead pipes, improve wastewater infrastructure, and remove PFAS contamination in water. This builds on the many investments Arizona democrats have made, protecting Arizona’s water access.

“Every Arizonan deserves access to clean drinking water and that’s why Democrats continue to make historic investments in water infrastructure for every American,” Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Yolanda Bejarano said. “This week’s announcement is just the latest life-changing impact President Biden has delivered for working Arizonans that never would have happened if it were up to Donald Trump. Arizona voters haven’t forgotten when Donald Trump tried to stop these critical investments from happening, hurting our most vulnerable communities. Arizonans will remember at the ballot box that Democrats up and down the ballot are fighting for them.”

Arizona Democrats are protecting our water access: 

  • In October Governor Hobbs stood up for Arizona’s water rights, terminating the state’s land lease with a Saudi farming company.
  • AG Kris Mayes has defended Arizona’s water access- calling for increased groundwater regulation and revoking well water permits from actors who were pumping ​​3,000 gallons of groundwater per minute– 325,000 gallons is enough for three average-size homes in Phoenix for a year.

President Biden is rebuilding Arizona infrastructure after years of neglect during the Trump Administration:

  • Even after he left office, Trump became hellbent on preventing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill from passing all in the name of retribution – even though it meant trying to stop legislation that is now rebuilding Arizona’s infrastructure while creating good-paying jobs in the process.
  • While Trump and Republicans continue to rail against President Biden’s agenda, historic investments from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are delivering for Arizonans by repaving roads, repairing bridges, cleaning up our drinking water, expanding access to high-speed affordable broadband and more.


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