One Week Since 1901 Abortion Ban Went Into Effect, Kari Lake “Never Will” Denounce Her Extreme Stances

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Friday, Sept. 30th, 2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry,

One Week Since 1901 Abortion Ban Went Into Effect, Kari Lake “Never Will” Denounce Her Extreme Stances

PHOENIX– A pre-statehood law banning abortions and criminalizing doctors is again law in Arizona after a Pima County judge lifted the injunction and made clear that the 1901 abortion ban was now in effect. Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs held a press conference the very next morning speaking out against the ruling. That Sunday Kari Lake went on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo where she doubled down on her support for the abortion ban, saying “I’m pro-life. I’ve never backed away from that and never will.” 


But, per usual, she seemed less talkative when local press pushed her on the issue. Talking to AZ Family, Lake tried to feign confusion over which Arizona abortion ban was in effect. But luckily for her, we’re here to remind her of her consistent support for the extreme 1901 ban on abortion that bans nearly all abortions and would criminalize doctors and nurses. 


Lake has never backed away from her out of touch stance. As the Arizona Republic reported, “Lake has not budged from her staunch opposition to abortion,” despite a majority of Arizonans supporting access to abortion and it becoming a top issue in this election. Lake responded to the SCOTUS decision overturning Roe by saying she supports the 1901 Arizona law and celebrated the 1901 ban as a “great law” during a forum in February and said she would support and enforce it during the Republican primary debate. Lake even knew the 1901 abortion ban well enough to memorize the statute number. In a June 24th interview with the Conservative Circus, Lake said, “I’m incredibly thrilled that we are going to have a great law that’s already on the books, I believe it’s ARS 13-3603.” 


Lake has referred to people who seek abortion care as “executioners” and has repeatedly called abortion “murder,” framing women who seek abortion care as murderers, saying, “I believe that taking the life of an unborn child is murder.” She’s said “I am pro-life 100%. I’m against abortion,” opposing exceptions for rape and incest or the life of the woman. When asked if she supported exceptions for rape and incest, Lake said, “I don’t believe that any child should be killed in a mother’s womb” and that “abortion is the ultimate sin.” In a June interview on Fox News and in the GOP primary debate, Lake also said she supports outlawing abortion pills.


“When Kari Lake tells us who she is we should believe her, even when her position is out of touch with 90 percent of Arizonans. She has never wavered in her support for this 1901 law banning abortion and criminalizing medical professionals,” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “Lake has proudly branded herself as the anti-choice candidate in her campaign for governor, and has not backed down from her extreme positions.  If Kari Lake becomes governor, she will absolutely support and enforce this extreme ban, endangering the lives of Arizonans and threatening doctors and nurses with jail time. Meanwhile, her opponent Katie Hobbs has been and always will be a staunch supporter of reproductive freedom.”  


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