Money on the Mind: What to Look for Ahead of Tomorrow’s #AZSen FEC Filing Deadline

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Thursday, April 14, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,

Money on the Mind: What to Look for Ahead of Tomorrow’s #AZSen FEC Filing Deadline 

PHOENIX — Tomorrow is the first FEC filing deadline of 2022, meaning our wide-open GOP Senate primary candidates will have to show their cards and give some insight into the cash behind their campaigns.
What we already know: This “decidedly weak” primary field translated to *incredibly* weak Q1 fundraising hauls:

  • Masters took in $1.1 million, less than he raised last quarter;
  • Brnovich also announced he’d only raised $765,000; and
  • Lamon supposedly raised “just under $1 million” from individuals other than himself…whatever that means.

What to look for as the candidates file their reports:

  • How much did the field spend cozying up to Trump? Did Masters drop another $30,000 at Mar-A-Lago?
  • Did Jim Lamon buy any more endorsements?
  • Have National Republicans coalesced behind any one candidate yet — or are they still unimpressed by the Ducey-less field?
  • Who maxed out to share a meal with Blake Masters Peter Thiel?


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