TOPLINE: What You Need to Know One Week Out from the GOP #AZSen Primary

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Re:               What You Need to Know One Week Out from the GOP #AZSen Primary
Date:            Tuesday, July 26, 2022

TOPLINE: What You Need to Know One Week Out from the GOP #AZSen Primary
Just one week until Arizona’s GOP Senate primary, and this “increasingly nasty” and “intensely personal” contest has never been messier. In just seven days, Arizona Republicans will choose between the “energy tycoon,” the “billionaire-backed populist,” and Trump’s favorite punching bag to be their party’s nominee. Given that this “primary fight” has left the AZ GOP “splintered” and their already “decidedly weak” candidates “bruised and battered,” even Republicans are starting to worry about their party’s prospects in the general.
See below for our top three takeaways and what they mean for Arizona’s August 2nd primary:
1. These extreme candidates are running on an agenda that is deeply out of touch with what Arizonans actually want:

  • On abortion, Masters supports a nationwide ban without exceptions, Lamon opposes abortion even in cases of rape or incest, and Brnovich supports Arizona’s pre-statehood law to criminalize abortion and jail doctors.
  • On Social Security, Lamon has called to raise the retirement age and privatize the program while Masters has called to “cut the knot” and privatize as well — risking the wellbeing of Arizona’s 1.35 million seniors.
  • TAKEAWAY: Between these dangerous policy positions and their divisive (and oftentimes dangerous) rhetoric, these candidates continue to prove just how dangerous they are for Arizona families.

2. The “decidedly weak” candidates and their Republican allies have spent upwards of $20 million on an intra-primary attack ad war, pummeling each other for voters across the state to see:

3. Months of brutal infighting online, in print, at events, and during debates has made this “bloody” contest “intensely personal,” inevitably leaving the eventual nominee “bruised and battered” and “hurt[ing] the party’s chances” in the general: 


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