MASTERS MOMENT: The One Where He Says Eliminating the Department of Education is the “First Thing That I Want to do in DC”

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Monday, September 19, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,
MASTERS MOMENT: The One Where He Says Eliminating the Department of Education Is the “First Thing That I Want to Do in DC”

PHOENIX — Welcome to today’s ‘Masters Moment’ — a daily opportunity to shine light on Blake Masters’ out-of-touch, offensive, and disqualifying beliefs and opinions.

Over the next 50 days, the ‘Masters Moment’ will be your number one source for all things Masters. While he attempts a desperate pivot to hide his “fringe,” “extreme,” and “dangerous” ideas, every day we’ll be releasing the audio and video to prove, in his own words, who Masters really is – and that he’s a risk Arizonans can’t afford.  

Today’s moment, where he says we need to “eliminate” the Department of Education: 

Masters: “So the first thing that I want to do in DC, one of them anyway, is to repeal and eliminate the Department of Education. Every measure of the quality of education has just declined since 1979 when Jimmy Carter blessed us with his genius and created a Department of Education. It’s been a disaster, so we need to get rid of it,” (At the Mohave Republican Forum, 05/11/22).


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