MASTERS MOMENT: The One Where He Says DACA Recipients Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Become Citizens, “Ever.”

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,
MASTERS MOMENT: The One Where He Says DACA Recipients Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Become Citizens, “Ever.”

PHOENIX — Welcome to today’s ‘Masters Moment’ — a daily opportunity to shine light on Blake Masters’ out-of-touch, offensive, and disqualifying beliefs and opinions.

Over the next 63 days, the ‘Masters Moment’ will be your number one source for all things Masters. While he attempts a desperate pivot to hide his “fringe,” “extreme,” and “dangerous” ideas, every day we’ll be releasing the audio and video to prove, in his own words, who Masters really is – and that he’s a risk Arizonans can’t afford.

Today’s moment, where he says Dreamers should never be allowed to become citizens: 

Masters: “With respect no, I don’t think you go to the end of the line, I think there is no line. If your first interaction with our country is to break its immigration laws, you will never become a U.S. citizen, ever, no amnesty, sorry. Now DACA, the so-called Dreamers, which let’s not use that language right that’s a left-wing frame, but little kids who came here who didn’t themselves know what was going on. I actually don’t believe that Justin would be willing to deport those people. I say deport them if they commit crimes. If they register, they can stay. No citizenship ever,” (At the Freedom Works Debate, 6/23/22).


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