MASTERS MOMENT: The One Where He Says Abortion is Never About *Air Quotes* Women’s Health *Air Quotes*

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,
MASTERS MOMENT: The One Where He Says Abortion is Never About *Air Quotes* Women’s Health *Air Quotes* 

PHOENIX — Welcome to today’s ‘Masters Moment’ — a daily opportunity to shine light on Blake Masters’ out-of-touch, offensive, and disqualifying beliefs and opinions.

Over the next 70 days, the ‘Masters Moment’ will be your number one source for all things Masters. While he attempts a desperate pivot to hide his “fringe,” “extreme,” and “dangerous” ideas, every day we’ll be releasing the audio and video to prove, in his own words, who Masters really is – and that he’s a risk Arizonans can’t afford.

Today’s moment, where he mocks women who receive life-saving abortions:

Masters: “It is, yeah, look, and they say it’s about *air quotes* women’s health *air quotes*, you know, and obviously you want women to be healthy. I want women to be healthy. And any logical person, certainly any person of faith, you just have to know in your bones that killing the unborn is not about health. It’s just not. And so it’s a lie.” (EWTN Pro-Life Weekly, 3/11/22)


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