Mark Brnovich Skewers Kari Lake and Her Election Lies

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Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 2022

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Mark Brnovich Skewers Kari Lake and Her Election Lies 

The Republican Attorney General Calls Lake’s Election Denial a “Giant Grift”

PHOENIX– In a shocking about-face, Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich skewered Kari Lake and other election denying candidates for spewing endless conspiracy theories.  Brnovich went on “60 Minutes” this Sunday where he acknowledged he’d found no evidence of a stolen election in 2020 and went hard after Lake for her relentless election lies. “Horse—-. And that’s what it is,” Brnovich told 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley. “Most of it’s horse—-. And I’ve been trying to scrape – scrape it off my shoes for the last year.” Brnovich also called Lake’s election denial schtick a “giant grift.”


More and more Republicans have come out against Conspiracy Kari, who’s been attacking and dividing her own party from day one, calling her fellow Republicans “swamp lords” and “RINOs.” She can’t even earn the endorsement of former Governor Jan Brewer. For her entire campaign Kari Lake has ignored building support here at home in Arizona and instead is tying herself to unpopular, extremists like Trump, Masters, Ted Cruz and Tulsi Gabbard. During a recent interview with 12 News, Republican strategist Sarah Longwell talked about her recent focus group with key undecided voters who labeled Kari Lake as a “nutjob” and “extreme.” In the segment, GrubHub delivery driver Nick said, “Lake just seems extreme.” Steven, a Costco contractor, called Lake a “brown-nosing MAGA Trumper” and said he “could not stand election deniers.”


“It’s no surprise Kari Lake is too extreme for voters of her own party,” Arizona Democratic Party spokeswoman Josselyn Berry said. “From her disaster of an economic plan to vowing to take away our reproductive freedoms and refusing to uphold the will of the voters, Lake is too out of touch for Arizona. Unlike some other GOP candidates who’ve tried wooing voters in the center, Lake has placed herself in the furthest right corner for her entire campaign and with mere weeks left has still failed to unify her own party because of her dangerous fringe views.” 


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