Lords of the Swamp, RINOs, and Doormats: Kari Lake Said She’ll Unify Republicans, But Here’s What She’s Said About Her Own Party

Thursday, August 4th, 2022
CONTACT: Josselyn Berry, JBerry@AZDem.org

Lords of the Swamp, RINOs, and Doormats: 

Kari Lake Said She’ll Unify Republicans, But Here’s What She’s Said About Her Own Party 

PHOENIX – The race for governor has yet to be called, but Kari Lake is currently in the lead and already held a contentious press conference prematurely claiming she won. If her lead holds and she winds up the nominee, she’ll have the impossible task of not just uniting her own party, but convincing moderates and independents to swing her way. At her press conference Lake said, “I want to bring the Republican Party together.” That’ll be made difficult though considering how she’s referred to people in her own party as “lords of the swamp,” “doormats” and “RINOs.”
“Will the same Republicans that Lake’s insulted hold their noses to support her?” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “It’s hard to imagine Doug Ducey stumping for Kari Lake after calling him an establishment RINO and doormat. But the Republican Governors Association, which Governor Doug Ducey co-chairs, has already booked more than $10 million of airtime, proving they’ll get behind the most unhinged and extreme views.”

Kari Lake Said She’ll Unify Republicans, But Here’s What She’s Said About Her Own Party: 

  • Lords of the Swamp–In a tweet, Lake called Doug Ducey and Mike Pence “Lords of the Swamp” for endorsing her “globalist opponent”  Karrin Taylor Robson.
  • Kari Lake Takes A Swing at Cindy McCain–During an online interview, Lake went on another tear against her own party, saying, “This is the Cindy McCain branch of the Republican Party. They’re not Republicans. They’re globalists. And they want, I think they want, an end to America.”
  • Doug Ducey the Doormat–On Twitter, Lake accused “RINO” Gov. Doug Ducey of supporting open borders and being a “doormat” to the Mexican drug cartels.
  • Replace the “McCain Swamp” with a Lake–Lake said at a campaign event that the party needs to “replace that disgusting, dirty McCain Swamp with, maybe, I don’t know … a Lake?”
  • Blaming John McCain’s Ghost– In another interview, Lake took aim at the late Senator John McCain, saying he “may be dead, but he’s reaching up from the grave trying to keep power on AZ .. and rarely did he do anything good for the people.”
  • Catch Flights and Catch Complaints–After Doug Ducey gave Karrin Taylor Robson a flight on the state plane following a campaign event, Kari Lake filed a complaint against Doug Ducey, alleging he was using state resources illegally to support a candidate.

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