“Lake: No Plan Published:” Kari Lake Fails the Test When It Comes to Addressing Education in Arizona

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Monday, Sept. 26nd, 2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry, Jberry@azdem.org

“Lake: No Plan Published:” Kari Lake Fails the Test When It Comes to Addressing Education in Arizona 


PHOENIX– When it comes to Kari Lake’s plans on how to help Arizona schools, Kari Lake is flunking out. The Arizona Mirror reported on Katie Hobbs’ and Kari Lake’s plans for education and this says it all, “Lake: No Plan Published.” Meanwhile, Katie Hobbs has detailed plans on a variety of issues facing parents, teachers and students in Arizona. Hobbs has plans for increasing school funding, teacher pay raises and training, school repairs, early childhood education, child care and more. As for Lake? No plan published. 

“As a teacher who’s seen firsthand the consequences of underfunding our schools, Arizona doesn’t need a governor like Kari Lake who has offered no plans to help teachers, students or parents and instead wants to spy on my colleagues and the children I teach,” said Susan Seep, President Paradise Valley Education Association. “Meanwhile, Katie Hobbs has stood by Arizona teachers for years and has solid and detailed plans to make Arizona’s education system the best in the nation.” 

“Lake has spent more time calling for government mandated cameras in classrooms to record our children than she has putting forth a real plan to address Arizona’s serious education issues, like our teacher shortage, underfunding of our schools or imminent school budget cuts,” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “It’s clear that as our schools and parents ring the alarm bells, Kari Lake isn’t listening despite the potential economic damage this could mean for Arizona. Meanwhile, Katie Hobbs has been a longtime, vocal supporter of parents and teachers and hasa detailed and comprehensive plan to work with parents, educators and students to provide a world-class education for all our children.” 


More Background on Lake’s Failing Ideas for Arizona Schools:


Lake Called For Government Mandated Spy Cameras in Our Classrooms–Kari Lake has repeatedly pushed a dangerous plan to risk children’s safety and escalate Arizona’s teacher shortage by putting government cameras in classrooms, leaving them vulnerable to predators and hackers.The Arizona Republic called Lake’s dangerous proposal to record everything our children do a “digital paradise for predators.” And in response to a fact check, Lake “reiterated” her support for putting cameras in classrooms. It’s clear that if elected, Lake will risk the safety of Arizona children. Even Governor Doug Ducey came out against the reckless idea saying, “We’ve got young kids in these classrooms,” he said. “We want to protect them from predators, of course.”

Lake Urges Republicans to Push Schools off Fiscal Cliff–Back in February, during the height of the legislative battle to avert nearly $1.2 billion in education cuts, Kari Lake gleefully opposed saving our schools from the funding cliff. After a vote to provide full funding for K-12 schools, Lake retweeted a message of support for the GOP legislators who opposed the funding, instead voting to push schools off the funding cliff and force teacher layoffs and program cuts “Take note! Vote for the names in RED on this list. Standing up for parents rights. Standing up for our children. Showing backbone!” Lake tweeted. Meanwhile, at the same time Katie Hobbs called on the Senate to raise the education spending limit and save K-12 schools from “this manufactured funding crisis.” 

Lake Shared and Defended a Tweet Accusing Matt Salmon of Not Caring About Students Being Raped After Opposing Her Cameras in Classrooms Idea–On the Mike Broomhead show on December 10th, 2021, Lake says, “Matt Salmon is opposed to cameras in the classroom. If cameras were in the classroom that special needs student would not have been raped…when it comes to our children in schools he doesnt want them protected….I stand by my tweet.”

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