Kari Lake’s Campaign Receipts Come Out Tomorrow…

For Immediate Release
Friday, Oct. 13th, 2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry, Jberry@azdem.org

Kari Lake’s Campaign Receipts Come Out Tomorrow…

$200 haircuts and over $20,000 at restaurants. Here’s what to look out for when campaign finance reports are published 

PHOENIX — Tomorrow is Campaign Finance Saturday, which means Kari Lake’s massive spending sprees and attempts to line the pockets of her family from her campaign coffers will be put on full display. A quick reminder of what her previous campaign spending revealed:

  • $150,000 on campaign merchandise, much of which was manufactured in China and Honduras, even though she claims “we’re going to hire Arizonans and we’re going to buy Arizonan products.”
  • $100,000 at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort throughout her campaign.
  • $36,000 on lodging, including $1,200 at the Arizona Biltmore, $3,300 at The Westin in Nashville, and nearly $10,000 at the Embassy Suites in Scottsdale.
  • $33,000 on airfare.
  • $22,000 on meals.
  • $3,200 renting out a movie theater in Scottsdale to screen Dinesh D’Souza’s “2,000 Mules” election conspiracy movie.
  • $200 on a haircut.

Not only that, Lake’s campaign has enriched her family. This includes $2,200 to her husband’s company and $6,000 to her daughter for “consulting.”

“Kari Lake’s campaign finances reveal a mismanaged and flailing campaign that’s focused on all the wrong things,” Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Josselyn Berry said. “Katie Hobbs, on the other hand, understands Arizonans’ struggles because she has lived them, working two jobs to support her family and releasing an economic agenda that will uplift working families. Kari Lake has shown us repeatedly she is not ready to tackle Arizona’s greatest challenges, which is why experts and local leaders have widely criticized her uninformed plans.”

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