Kari Lake’s Abortion Record Is Clear 

Friday, May 3rd, 2024

ARIZONA -–  Kari Lake says her record on abortion is clear. We agree:

  • Arizona Republic: Here’s everything that Senate candidate Kari Lake has had to say about abortion rights
  • NBC News: Kari Lake says ‘unfortunately’ Arizona isn’t enforcing 1864 abortion ban, flipping again
  • CNN: Kari Lake bemoans fact that Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban is not being enforced, in another apparent shift
  • Arizona Republic Opinion: Kari Lake doubles down on her support for Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban
  • Copper Courier: Kari Lake calls on Arizona county sheriffs to make arrests over 1864 abortion ban
  • Rolling Stone: Kari Lake Wants Arizona Sheriffs to Enforce 1864 Abortion Ban
  • KJZZ: Lake: It’s ‘unfortunate’ AZ officials won’t enforce the state’s near-total abortion ban
  • Arizona Republic: Kari Lake downplays 1864 abortion law, says Arizonans can travel ‘3 hours’ for procedure
  • Newsweek: Kari Lake Tells Arizonans to Travel for Abortion
  • Yuma ABC 5: “Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake says she is upset about Arizona’s century-old abortion ban not being enforced.
  • KYMA/KECY: “Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake says she is upset her state’s century-old abortion ban is not being enforced.”
  • Salon: Kari Lake and her fellow Republicans can’t run from Arizona’s draconian abortion ban
  • Jezebel: Kari Lake Tells Arizonans They’re Still Allowed to Drive 3 Hours for Abortion!
  • Newsmax: Kari Lake Flips, Now Favors Arizona Abortion Ban
  • Tucson Sentinel: Just stop: Kari Lake’s newest abortion stance is worse than a flip-flop
  • The Hill: Kari Lake flips on Arizona abortion ban, says ‘unfortunately’ it’s not being enforced

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