Kari Lake Throws Temper Tantrum at Univision Forum, Repeats Election Lies

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Sunday, Oct. 9th, 2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry, Jberry@azdem.org

Kari Lake Throws Temper Tantrum at Univision Forum, Repeats Election Lies 

“Kari Lake was booted from Arizona town hall audience before Hobbs took the stage”  

PHOENIX – Kari Lake made an embarrassing scene earlier this week at a Univision forum where she delayed the event by arguing with the forum hosts and ignoring agreed upon procedures. Lake wasted everyone’s time arguing with the hosts and refusing to go back to her dressing room. Her campaign team even had to be babysat by security to prevent them from videoing the program after they had agreed not to do so. Lake also tripled down on her extreme stance on abortion, repeated elections lies, refused to say she’d accept the results of the election if she loses, and claimed she has more power than the president.


“Once again, Lake proved she has no plans to tackle Arizona’s problems head on. Instead she again ranted about the election and repeated her extreme stance on abortion,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Josselyn Berry. Arizonans don’t want someone who is all talk for governor, they want someone who will work hard for them and their families, and that person is Katie Hobbs. Hobbs is crossing the political aisle to meet with people like former Governor Jan Brewer and has built a bipartisan coalition because she’s focused on key issues, like the rising cost of living, water and funding education. Kari Lake is just focused on herself.” 


Read on for the more wild moments from Lake:


Lake Mimics Trump Again—Lake repeated the line that immigrants “coming across our border right now are criminals. They have a history, a record of murder, rape, drug trafficking, child trafficking, all sorts of sexual assault.”


Lake Repeats The Election Was Corrupt–Lake has built her campaign on election lies and conspiracies and isn’t backing away. She repeated, “The election of 2020 was corrupt. It was corrupt.” 


Lake Won’t Accept Results If She Loses– She also refused to give a straight answer on whether or not she’d accept the election results if she loses. The Host pressed Lake, asking will you commit right now. There’s no one watching us. Only you and me. Accepting the results of this election? Again, very simple, binary answer, yes or no?” Lake dodged, repeating only, “We’re going to win. I’m 100 percent sure.”

Lake Reiterates Her Extreme Abortion Stance– Lake has tripled down on her extreme stance on abortion and the 1901 ban and repeated that at the forum, saying, “I support saving as many lives as possible. I really do. And that’s, that’s where I stand. I’m not ashamed to say that.”

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