Kari Lake Runs from Reporters After Interview Where She Ran From Tough Questions

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Sunday, Oct. 23rd, 2022

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Kari Lake Runs from Reporters After Interview Where She Ran From Tough Questions

“Lake Dodges Election, Abortion Questions in Clean Elections Interview”


PHOENIX – Kari Lake is running! Running from reporters that is. Kari Lake ran from reporters after her CCEC interview where she also ran from tough questions. Reporting on the interview, which will air later today, describes a Lake who “wouldn’t say” much of anything, as she stumbled and dodged answering tough questions about her out-of-touch ideas like criminalizing abortion and election conspiracy theories.


12 News reporter Brahm Resnick tweeted out a video yesterday, showing a defensive and combative Lake running from the press. Resnick called out Lake’s hypocrisy saying, “Today, it was Lake’s turn to ditch reporters after taping her 1/1 interview for AZTV.” 


Another reporter retweeted saying, “Artful dodger? GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake claims she isn’t dodging question[s] as she, well, you know..” The Arizona Capitol Times reported that “as reporters shouted questions to the candidate on her way out, Lake responded: “I just answered 30 minutes of questions.” 


This comes on the heels of an interview on Good Morning America, where Lake repeated her standard election lies. But when ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl asked Lake what she would change when it comes to Arizona election laws, Lake replied, “I don’t know exactly how we’ll do it.” In that same interview, Lake wouldn’t explicitly commit to accepting the outcome of her upcoming election if she loses to her opponent Katie Hobbs. The interview prompted Gilbert Zermeño, an investigative producer with CBS5 News, to comment, “I don’t know how exactly we’ll do it” is not a good answer to any question at this point in the election.”


Given her disastrous Good Morning America interview, it’s no surprise Lake abruptly “decided not to appear” on Chuck Todd’s Meet The Press for an interview.





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