Kari Lake: “Journalists Have Blood On Their Hands,” “Have to Face Their Maker”

For Immediate Release
June 2nd, 2022
Contact: Josselyn Berry| jberry@azdem.org

Kari Lake: “Journalists Have Blood On Their Hands,” “Have to Face Their Maker”

PHOENIX— Right-wing Republicans have been making journalists their Enemy Number One for years. Just this week, the Arizona Republican Party actually tweeted, “The mainstream media is Domestic Terrorists.”  Kari Lake is no different and has made attacking journalists a pillar of her campaign. Yesterday she went on OANN and said that journalists have “blood on their hands” for not covering fentanyl deaths (a lie) and that they’ll have to “face their maker” because they refuse to believe the conspiracy that the 2020 election was stolen (also a lie). 

“Kari Lake’s only move is to blame the media and spout hate,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson, Josselyn Berry. “It’s weak and voters see right through her efforts to distract from the fact that her campaign is flailing and she has no real policies to run on. It’s also dangerous as this type of rhetoric from Lake encourages more death threats and vitriol toward those who’ve dedicated their careers to our community. Arizona needs a governor brave enough to tackle the real issues, not whine about journalists doing their job.” 

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