Kari Lake Calls Members of Her Own Party a “Cavalcade of Losers”

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Wednesday, Oct. 11th, 2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry, Jberry@azdem.org


Kari Lake Calls Members of Her Own Party a “Cavalcade of Losers”

While Lake is Unable to Unify Republicans, Hobbs Consolidates Arizona Republicans




PHOENIX– Kari Lake is still failing to consolidate Republican support for her campaign and now she’s lashing out at the very people she needs to vote for her if she wants to win. In an interview with The Conservative Circus on October 7th, Lake was asked about Liz Cheney and other Republicans supporting Hobbs over Lake. She responded saying, “You know, it’s just a cavalcade of losers….Can you imagine being a Republican who’s rooting for someone like Katie Hobbs?” Lake has also attacked Senator John McCain’s legacy, calling the state’s longtime Republican leader a “loser.”


With less than 30 days until election day and early voting beginning today, Lake has failed to garner local Republican support for her campaign, instead relying solely on out-of-state extremists like Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Other high level Republicans are defecting from Lake. Even former Arizona governor Jan Brewer again remarked that she hasn’t decided if she’ll vote for Kari Lake on the Gaydos and Chad Show, saying that Kari Lake continues to snub the former Republican governor. Instead, Hobbs and Brewer sat down to meet over lunch. 


In contrast, an ever growing list of Arizona Republicans are putting country over party to elect Katie Hobbs as the next governor. And everyday, more Republicans are speaking out about their support for Hobbs. 

“Unlike some other GOP candidates who’ve tried wooing voters in the center, Lake has placed herself in the furthest right corner for her entire campaign and with mere weeks left has still failed to unify her own party over her extreme, fringe views,” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “While Kari Lake stands with the likes of Blake Masters, Ted Cruz and  Donald Trump, Katie Hobbs continues to showcase her vast bipartisan base of support, standing with Arizona Republicans who highlighted why they’re putting country over party to elect Katie Hobbs as the next governor.”

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