INTRODUCING: Kari Lake’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Friday, December 8th, 2023

ARIZONA -– This December, the Arizona Democratic Party is introducing “The Lake Tapes: Kari Lake’s Nightmare Before Christmas,” a twelve episode special highlighting Kari Lake’s dangerous conspiracies surrounding the 2020 and 2022 elections – ones she has continued to push since launching her Senate campaign just two months ago.

Prior to Lake’s campaign launch, national Republicans publicly urged her to stop litigating past elections. But for the past two months, Lake has proved she is “still an extremist” who has “reverted to more dramatic rhetoric.”

Over the next twelve days, the Arizona Democratic Party’s “Kari Lake’s Nightmare Before Christmas” will roll the tapes on comments Lake has made since she launched her campaign on October 10th. Each episode is proof that Kari Lake “just can’t help herself” when it comes to pushing election conspiracies and focusing on the past.

Let’s hit play on Kari Lake’s Nightmare Before Christmas…

Kari Lake: “And right now we have a system that is not fair. And I know you haven’t looked at the evidence, there seems to be some sort of you guys are repellent to looking at the evidence. You know, you refuse to dig through it. And that’s fine. I’m not here to sit and talk about the 2020 election and ‘22. Because I know how this will go, Dennis, you’ll say that she can’t get off the election.”

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