ICYMI: Trump Abandons Arizona, Too Busy Being Sued

March 25, 2024 

Rather than visit Arizona, Donald Trump has spent the last two years spreading conspiracy theories and fighting mounting legal challenges

ARIZONA– Donald Trump once again demonstrates he isn’t fighting for working Arizonans– he is fighting for himself. Copper Courier recently reported the Trump campaign needing to choose between state visits because the campaign is increasingly strapped for cash after months of paying for Trump’s legal suits. Today’s court hearing only added pressure, as Trump now has to pay a $175 million bond in the civil fraud case against him.

“Donald Trump has more baggage to pay for than he knows what to do with,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Yolanda Bejarano. “At every opportunity, he is reminding us he cares more about covering up his own scandals than he does about asking the people of Arizona for their vote. Trump’s bad business, conspiracy theories and extremist, MAGA agenda would be disastrous for Arizonans.”

In case you missed the toplines: 

  • As reported by the Copper Courier, “During his previous visits, Trump wasn’t billed for his use of venues and city services like on-site law enforcement until after his rally. As a result, his campaign left a trail of unpaid invoices from Tucson to Prescott totaling roughly $150,000.”

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