ICYMI: “She’s Making Things Up” GOP Primary Gets Even Messier as Republican Governor Pummels Frontrunner

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Contact: Josselyn Berry, jberry@azdem.org

“She’s Making Things Up”
GOP Primary Gets Even Messier as Republican Governor Pummels Frontrunner


PHOENIX— Incumbent Republican Governor Doug Ducey decided to join the Kari Lake hate train this past weekend when he eviscerated  her in an interview with the Arizona Republic, saying she is ‘making things up’ and has no new ideas when it comes to the border.  For a sitting governor to swing that hard at his possible successor is not only rare, but points to the deep dysfunction in Arizona’s Republican Party.


What’s obvious is that Governor Ducey has finally had enough of Lake’s repeated attacks on his record. Lake said during a radio interview last month that Ducey “hasn’t been strong enough on the border” and has gone after him for certifying that Biden won the election (he did), instead of just handing it over to her best friend Donald Trump.
This isn’t the first time a well-known Republican has taken a swing at Lake. Earlier this month, Lake said of the late Senator John McCain that, “rarely did he do anything good for the people.” This prompted his son, Jimmy McCain, to come out against Lake and defend his father, saying he and his family members are dismayed and feel betrayed by someone they all once considered a close friend.
“In a desperate attempt to push up her poll numbers, Lake is doing everything she can to mimic Trump, including attacking Senator John McCain and referring to him as a loser,” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. “This is a classic political flip flop coming from a woman who will say anything she can to get elected, even if it means throwing the memory of an Arizona hero under the electoral bus.  Lake should tread carefully though, since even the memory of John McCain is more popular in Arizona than she ever will be.”




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