ICYMI: Jim Lamon’s Phony Rebellion Against the Elites

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org
ICYMI: Jim Lamon’s Phony Rebellion Against the Elites 


PHOENIX — Jim Lamon may posture as a “man of the people” on the campaign trail, but in reality, it’s clear that the out-of-touch business executive is anything but.

Over the weekend, a new Washington Post column exposed Lamon for using a phony populism shtick to try and swindle voters into supporting his candidacy. 

See below for key excerpts from the piece:

“In Arizona, Republican Senate candidate Jim Lamon professes to speak for ‘we the people.’ He denounced Washington for ‘being one of the richest Zip codes in our country.’”

“This particular common man sold his solar energy business to Koch Industries for a price he put at $1 billion — and he vows to self-fund his campaign with $50 million.”

“For years, Jim Lamon built a lucrative side-hustle as a professional political donor to win influence in politics, and now he’s cashing in on that investment, hoping to buy his way into the U.S. Senate,” said ADP spokesperson Hannah Goss. “No amount of counterfeit posturing can change the fact that Lamon is as elite as they come. He’s a shady political insider who will do (read: buy) whatever it takes — including endorsements — to scam his way into Washington, all while leaving the same Arizona voters he’s lying to behind.”



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