ICYMI: Jezebel Covers Kari Lake’s History of Sexism

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Thursday, Oct. 20th, 2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry, Jberry@azdem.org


ICYMI: Jezebel Covers Kari Lake’s History of Sexism 

PHOENIX– In case you missed it, Kari Lake has decided belittling and insulting women is a wise campaign tactic. A recent Jezebel article reported that while at a campaign event,  Lake made overtly sexist comments like declaring that “there’s no such thing as toxic masculinity” and that the term is “a bunch of BS.” According to the report, Lake also “made a number of racist dog whistles about Black families, absent fathers, and the necessity of ‘strong fathers’ for ‘strong women.’”


These most recent comments are nothing new. Lake has previously made a number of sexist remarks on the campaign trail.


During a Young Women’s Leadership Conference, Lake said “God did not create us [women] to be equal to men.”  Last June, Lake said,  “We conservative women love our men, we don’t want to conquer them, we don’t want to be equal to them”  and doubled down in November, saying “We aren’t equal to men. Women are different than men.” Lake re-stated all of this at a campaign event just last month.


“Lake’s sexist comments are alarming but sadly not surprising. Lake’s disrespect of the notion that men and women are, in fact, equal can be seen in her rhetoric and the policies she supports. This is the same candidate who has promised to uphold the 1901 abortion ban–without exceptions for rape or incest and supports banning common forms of birth control. Lake’s out-of-touch ideology presents a direct threat to the women of Arizona. Kari Lake may be a woman running for governor but her support for women ends with herself,” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party. 


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