ICYMI: In Kari Lake’s Arizona, My High Risk Pregnancy Would Be Illegal

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Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 2022

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ICYMI: In Kari Lake’s Arizona, My High Risk Pregnancy Would Be Illegal

PHOENIX– An Arizona woman, Morgan Tucker, has written an opinion piece on her own difficult experience with pregnancy and abortion, and how Kari Lake’s extreme stances would’ve made the life-saving procedure she needed illegal in Arizona. “I know first-hand how cruel and horrifying this law is for Arizona families after I had to travel hundreds of miles out-of-state for the abortion I needed. We deserve leaders who want to solve problems for Arizona families, not create them,” Tucker wrote.

After a pre-statehood law banning abortions and criminalizing doctors became law again in Arizona,Kari Lake went on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo where she doubled down on her support for the abortion ban, saying “I’m pro-life. I’ve never backed away from that and never will.” She doubled down on her position again in comments to Arizona’s Family, saying “I support saving as many lives as possible.” As the Arizona Republic reported, “Lake has not budged from her staunch opposition to abortion,” despite a majority of Arizonans supporting access to abortion and it becoming a top issue in this election.


Read On For Key Excerpts:


“If Lake becomes governor, she will not only uphold the Civil War-era ban, she will see that it is enforced. This will endanger the lives of Arizonans who need care and threaten doctors with jail time. Arizona clinicians will not be able to offer abortion care without risking their own safety. Many people who need abortions will not be able to get them, leading to state-mandated pregnancy and childbirth. Others will travel out-of-state for their care, if they can afford to.”

“I know how difficult this can be. Two years ago, my husband and I were surprised and delighted to learn we were expecting twins. Our joy turned to fear when we learned that our son had a critical heart defect that caused blood to pump into his lungs.  My doctor was clear: It was unlikely he would make it to term, and there were high risks for his healthy twin sister and for me. Our doctor explained that a “selective reduction” — an abortion — was the safest course of action.”

“According to Lake, the decision we made two years ago to keep our family healthy and safe is a sin. She thinks this Civil War-era law banning abortion is a “great law.” She routinely says awful, hurtful things about people who get abortions. The Lake campaign has even attacked her opponent, Katie Hobbs, for sharing her own experience with miscarriage.”

“Katie Hobbs couldn’t be more different. She has been and always will be a staunch supporter of reproductive freedom. She has vowed to protect access to abortion and condemned this Civil War-era abortion ban. Hobbs understands that people managing a health crisis deserve dignity and respect, not slurs and threats.”

“Over and over again, Lake says she wants to punish people like me and the people that cared for me. I don’t want a governor that makes my hardest days even harder. I want to elect someone who trusts me, and who wants the best for my family and my community. I am traumatized by my loss–I still struggle with it every single day. And yet, I am thankful was able to get an abortion that I needed. It made the family I have today possible.”



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