ICYMI: During AZSen Debate, Blake Masters Doubled Down on Offensive Military Rhetoric

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org

ICYMI: During AZSen Debate, Blake Masters Doubled Down on Offensive Military Rhetoric 
PHOENIX — During Thursday night’s U.S. Senate debate, Blake Masters — a man who has never served this country — doubled down on his previous attacks on American military servicemembers and veterans, saying there is “rot” in our military.

Masters on the military: “Yeah, it’s a rot.”
[Watch HERE]

Over the last year, Masters has repeatedly disrespected our military leadership, calling them “totally incompetent,” “piss poor,” and “embarrassing.” In response, Arizona veterans have called Masters’ rhetoric “disgraceful” and “disqualifying,” encouraging Arizona’s half a million veterans to oppose his candidacy.

Arizona Republic: GOP Senate hopeful Blake Masters repeatedly has criticized US military

  • Republican Senate hopeful Blake Masters repeatedly has said there’s “rot” in the military and that its leadership is inadequate, incompetent and should be fired.

Tucson Sentinel: Tucson vets call GOP Senate candidate Masters’ comments on military ‘disgraceful rhetoric’ & ‘disqualifying’ 

  • Three Tucson-area veterans sharply criticized U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters during a press conference Thursday, calling comments he made against American military leaders “disqualifying” and “disgraceful.”

Arizona Mirror: Tucson vets slam U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters 

  • A group of Tucson veterans fired back at Blake Masters’ incendiary comments on the military this week, saying he isn’t a fit representative for the more than half a million veterans in the state.


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