ICYMI: Donald Trump Endorses HCR 2060

After Embracing Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump Endorses SB1070 2.0

June 12th, 2024
ARIZONA- Last week, Donald Trump visited Arizona for the first time in two years and after several cancellations. In an interview with ABC15 following Trump’s rally with white supremacist organization TPUSA, Trump bragged about defunct built border wall and endorsed HCR 2060, legislation pushed by Republicans in the legislature that would cost Arizonans $40 million, is unconstitutional, and brings back SB1070 racial profiling. 

“It’s no surprise that Donald Trump, who has promised mass deportations on day one of his presidency, endorsed HCR 2060 during his first visit to Arizona in two years,” said Chairwoman of the Arizona Democratic Party Yolanda Bejarano. “Donald Trump wants to bring back the cruelty and abuse that SB1070 brought to Arizona, and he understands that HCR 2060 does just that. As Donald Trump and Arizona Republicans push for expensive, unconstitutional, and abusive immigration politics, Arizona Democrats and President Joe Biden are focused on moving our state forward.” 

During the rally at Dream City Church, Trump embraced and kissed Joe Arpaio, former Sheriff of Maricopa County and architect of SB1070. 

Arizona Democrats are prepared to fight for Arizonans rights up and down the ticket. To learn more about key initiatives, how to vote, or how to support Democrats this election cycle, please visit azdem.org.


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