ICYMI: AZGOP Rewards Election Denialism and Embraces Extremism 

April 29, 2024 

During this weekend’s AZGOP Meeting, Republicans embrace extremism, reward election denialism, and Censure Republicans who disagree with Trump 

This weekend, during the AZGOP’s State Committee meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, Republicans embraced election denialism, electing indicted fake elector Sen. Jake Hoffman and Liz Harris, a former legislator who was expelled last year for spreading conspiracy theories to represent Arizona Republicans at the RNC convention. 

Republicans also voted to censure Niki Haley and Mike Pence, despite Haley winning nearly 20% of the vote in the presidential primary. This isn’t the first time the AZGOP has voted to censure politicians that do not align with the views of Donald Trump and extreme MAGA Republicans; in 2021, they censured Gov. Doug Ducey, former Sen. Jeff Flake, and Cindy McCain, widow of late longtime Sen. John McCain.

Arizona Republic: “Arizona GOP picks state Sen. Jake Hoffman, indicted fake elector, for national position”
By: Ray Stern 
April 27th, 2024 

Key Points: 

  • Liz Harris, who was expelled from the Arizona Legislature last year for lying about her role in disinformation given at a legislative hearing, was elected national GOP committeewoman, according to two people who attended and independently confirmed the information.
  • The other sitting lawmaker named in the indictment, state Sen. Anthony Kern of Glendale, said at the convention that being indicted by Mayes was a “badge of honor.” It’s probably gotten him more votes in his run for Arizona’s Congressional District 8 seat, he said, adding that Mayes has “overplayed her hand.”
  • Tyler Bowyer, an indicted fake elector who is the chief operating officer for Trump-promoting group Turning Point Action, and former state Sen. Lori Klein Corbin were previously in the positions. Like Hoffman and Kern, Bowyer falsely asserted he was a “duly elected and qualified” Arizona elector for Trump in 2020. Trump lost the election.

At the last State Convention, the AZGOP was taken over by extremism after Kari Lake blackmailed Jeff Dewitt into resigningRepublicans booed Lake at the convention, and the vote to replace Dewitt took hours due to Republicans’ belief in election conspiracy theories. Dewitt was replaced by known election conspiracy theorist Gina Swoboda. 

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