ICYMI: “Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Blake Masters Promises Obstruction If He’s Elected”

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org

ICYMI: “Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Blake Masters Promises Obstruction If He’s Elected”
PHOENIX — Yesterday, a new report from the American Independent highlighted how Blake Masters has promised he’d accomplish nothing if elected to the U.S. Senate, even though that means harming Arizonans.

Masters has called to block all federal legislation in 2023 and 2024, promised to “publicly shame” and “ridicule” moderate Republicans, and said he wouldn’t work in a bipartisan fashion. These comments are a sober reminder that Masters would be a harmful Senator who actively blocks beneficial legislation to pursue his “dangerous” and “fringe” agenda that includes banning abortion nationwide, privatizing Social Security, and delivering tax cuts for corporations — all of which Arizonans do not support.

The bottom line: Masters is too dangerous to be Arizona’s voice in the Senate.

See below for key excerpts, or read the full report here:

  • Arizona Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters […] has indicated that he does not believe he can work well with anyone who disagrees with him and plans to spend the next two years engaging in obstruction.
  • But a review of Masters’ statements as a candidate suggests that he is unwilling to work with President Joe Biden, Senate Democrats, or even centrist Senate Republicans to pass legislation and hopes to spend the next two years doing little but blocking nominations, legislation, and funding — even if doing so directly hurts Arizonans.
  • “We do the best we can, we go in, we block his agenda,” he told Fox News on Sept. 11, referring to Biden, “and we use those two years to play offense because Republicans are going to take back the White House in 2024.”
  • “I’m not naïve,” he told right-wing host Charlie Kirk in December 2021. “I’m not like some: ‘Let’s work in a bipartisan fashion.’ I think you can’t work with most Democrats…”
  • In a campaign video released in January, Masters said, “Psychopaths are running the country right now”; that same month, he warned during a candidate forum, “I think that if you just don’t use state power at all, the progressives will crush you, they will take over, they will implement communism, and it ends in death camps.”
  • He has shown little enthusiasm for collaborating with what he sees as more centrist members of the Senate Republican caucus.
  • “I can’t work with Republicans like [Utah Sen.] Mitt Romney,” he said in a Jan. 16 Twitter Space appearance. “Like, we need to get better Republicans.
  • In other appearances, he vowed to “publicly shame,” “mock” and “ridicule” Romney, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Maine Sen. Susan Collins.
  • Democratic incumbent Kelly has received recognition over his two years in the Senate for working with Democratic and Republican colleagues alike.


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