ICYMI: Arizona Democrats Hold Press Call on Abortion Rights as Part of National Defend Choice Week of Action

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Contact: Aida Ross, aross@azdem.org 
ICYMI: Arizona Democrats Hold Press Call on Abortion Rights as Part of National Defend Choice Week of Action

Chairwoman Terán Says Arizonans Are Fighting Back Against Republicans’ “Extreme, Draconian” Agenda to Criminalize Abortion

PHOENIX — Today, Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Raquel Terán joined Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, State Senator Martín Quezada, and State Senate Candidate Eva Burch for a “Defend Choice” press call as part of the Democrats’ national week of action focused on protecting abortion rights.

With Roe v. Wade overturned, anti-choice Republicans are continuing their unrelenting, decades-long war on the right to choose by pushing for federal and state-wide abortion bans. Today’s speakers emphasized the dangers of abortion restrictions on Arizonans and their families, like Arizona’s Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s attempt to reinstate an extreme, draconian pre-statehood abortion ban from 121 years ago. 

Speakers also discussed the important work Democrats are doing to protect reproductive health care in Arizona, highlighting that the overwhelming majority of Arizonans — regardless of political affiliation — support access to safe and legal abortion. They encouraged Arizonans to visit DefendChoice.org to learn more about how to get involved with organizing efforts in the state to protect reproductive rights.

“Instead of focusing on the issues people are worried about, like working to lower costs and address inflation, Republicans are focused on taking away rights and dictating women’s private health care decisions,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Raquel Terán. “We encourage everyone to visit DefendChoice.org to start organizing today. Join us.”

“The truth is that every political office that is up for election this year is a decision between a candidate who will support your medical right to a safe and legal abortion or one who wants to control your body,” emphasized State Senator Martín Quezada. “We need to organize and vote for Democratic candidates for governor, attorney general, members of Congress, state legislatures, state treasurer, all the way down to school board members — because these candidates are literally the last line of defense for reproductive rights.”

“The language of many of these state laws are really concerning, because contrary to many of the statements that I’ve heard being shared, there are no clear exceptions for medical emergencies,” said State Senate candidate and nurse practitioner Eva Burch, who shared the details of her own abortion. “This is going to result in doctors being fearful of breaking the law and denying life saving care to patients who are experiencing miscarriages and other pregnancy-related emergencies.”

“This is not the end. Republicans like Mitch McConnell and other MAGA Republicans — their goal is to pass a federal law that will outlaw abortions across the country,” said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero. “That’s why this election is so important. We have to make sure that people understand that there’s a difference between electing MAGA Republicans and what they’re trying to push, and what Democrats have to offer.”


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