ICYMI: American Rescue Plan Funds Helping Arizona Veterans, No Thanks To A Single Congressional Republican

For Immediate Release
Thursday, February 3, 2022
Contact: Lily Morris, lmorris@azdem.org

ICMYI: American Rescue Plan Funds Helping Arizona Veterans, No Thanks To A Single Congressional Republican 
Yesterday, Arizona Public Media published a report detailing how the American Rescue Plan helped veterans stay afloat throughout the pandemic.

Arizona Public Media: Veterans benefit from American Rescue Plan Act funds
By Megan Myscofski
February 2, 2022

  • “Almost one in ten Arizona adults is a veteran. A new report says American Rescue Plan Act funds went a long way in keeping the households of veterans in the state afloat over the last year, especially those with children.”
  • “Economist Dave Wells at the Grand Canyon Institute wrote the report and said about 12,000 veteran families benefited from the Child Tax Credit as a part of ARPA, which Congress passed into law last March.”
  • “Veterans received about $80 million in federal unemployment benefits. And about 1,000 veteran-owned small businesses received Paycheck Protection Program loans, which Wells said helped preserve about 1,500 jobs.
  • “The pandemic impacted veterans just like it impacted everybody else, and it’s important to recognize that this program, although it wasn’t purely designed for veterans, definitely helped veterans.
  • “About 80% of veterans received stimulus checks as part of the program.”


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