ICYMI: 12 News’ Square Off: “[Kari Lake] Has Losing Energy,” GOP Primary A “Collision Course”

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Monday, September 18th, 2023
Contact: Olivia Taylor-Puckett, otpuckett@azdem.org

ICYMI: 12 News’ Square Off: “[Kari Lake] Has Losing Energy,” GOP Primary A “Collision Course”


PHOENIX -– The Arizona GOP Senate primary is already on a “collision course” and the potential frontrunners, losers Kari Lake and Blake Masters, haven’t even entered the race yet, per 12News NBC’s Sunday Square Off. 


“‘Losing energy,’ ‘paranoid,’ ‘erratic,’ like ‘drunk people call[ing] their exes,’ – all ways Republicans are describing their own nightmare Arizona Senate primary candidates,” said Olivia Taylor-Puckett, Senior Communications Advisor at the Arizona Democratic Party. 

Here’s what host Brahm Resnik, Republican activist Tyler Montague, and Democratic consultant Stacy Pearson had to say:

Resnik: What’s going on in the Republican primary for the US Senate? Daily Beast reported last week on a bizarre phone call between Kari Lake, loser of 2022 governor’s race, and Blake Masters, loser of the 2022 Senate race. 

Resnik: The call was described as ‘intense,’ ‘paranoid,’ ‘erratic’ on both sides it seems. Are these two on a collision course in that primary? Could they both run or maybe neither of them will run?


Montague: All that can happen, I think if they both run, I think Kari Lake has more uh, name recognition and would probably win that primary, but she has losing energy. People don’t vote ‘no’ on somebody and then vote ‘yes.’ I think she can win the primary and lose the general. 


Montague: And it’s weird that she would call Saturday night at 11 o’clock– that’s when drunk people call their exes. 


Resnik: That’s when she reportedly, she called– 


Montague: That’s when she called Blake Masters–


Resnik: Nothing good happens on Saturday night at 11 pm.


Montague: That’s right. So I don’t know how that’s going to shake out, it’s weird when Sheriff Lamb is kind of the sane guy in the race but I don’t, I don’t know uh, how that’s going to work. 


Resnik: Is this a dream for the Democrats?


Pearson: Oh It’s fabulous.



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