Historic Number of Arizonans Want Abortion Rights, Reject Extremism 

ARIZONA- Today, Arizona for Abortion Access announced that 823,000 Arizonans signed the petition to enshrine abortion rights. As an abortion battleground this election cycle, Arizonans have overwhelmingly rejected Republicans’ extremist agenda on abortion. 

“Arizonans are ready to do the work Republicans refuse to do: permanently protect our abortion rights,” said Chairwoman of the Arizona Democratic Party Yolanda Bejarano. “Extreme Arizona Republicans are out of touch with what Arizonans want and are in lockstep with Donald Trump’s goal to ban abortion nationwide and dismantle essential reproductive healthcare such as IVF, contraceptives, and medication abortions. This November, Arizonans are going to enshrine our abortion rights by passing the ballot initiative, flipping the Republican-controlled state legislature, and sending the Biden-Harris administration back to the White House. ” 

Codifying reproductive freedom has been a long-standing priority for Democrats in Arizona and local Democrats have fought tirelessly to protect these rights for Arizonans, including the successful repeal of the 1864 abortion ban

Arizona Democrats are prepared to fight for abortion rights up and down the ticket. To learn more about key initiatives, how to vote or how to support Democrats this election cycle, please visit azdem.org


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