HEAR IT FROM HIM: Blake Masters Wants to Completely Ban Abortion

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Thursday, August 25, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org

HEAR IT FROM HIM: Blake Masters Wants to Completely Ban Abortion 
PHOENIX — For over a year, Blake Masters made his dangerous and out-of-touch position on abortion crystal clear: He shamelessly called for a nationwide abortion ban without exceptions, suggesting a federal personhood law that could result in jail time for women accessing the health care they need.

But now that Masters is facing a general election in a state where 87% of voters support the right to safe and legal abortion, he’s desperately working to hide his extreme position, outright lying to Arizonans.

Too bad for Blake — for months, Arizonans have read all about his dangerous plan to ban abortion:

  • HuffPost: GOP Senate Candidate Blake Masters Embraces National Abortion Ban
    1. [Masters said,] “So I think you do need a federal personhood law.” A federal personhood law would classify fertilized eggs, zygotes, embryos, and fetuses as persons and give them full constitutional protections. It would criminalize all abortion, with no exceptions, and may also ban some forms of contraception.
    2. In 2021, he also called on Congress to pass a personhood law and said support for abortion rights has become “demonic” and likened it to “religious sacrifice.”
  • [MORE] Arizona Republic: What Arizona’s US Senate candidates are saying about abortion rights
    1. But instead of leaving the decision to offices like Brnovich’s, or to public referendums in the case of states like Kansas, Masters wants a national abortion ban.
    2. I don’t think it’s enough to return it to the states.” … “The federal government needs to step in and say, ‘We recognize life here and no state can permit abortion,’” he told the crowd at a February gathering of the Queen Creek-San Tan Valley Republican Women Club.
  • [EVEN MORE] American Independent: Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters backpedals push for total abortion bans
    1. Before winning the Republican nomination, Blake Masters said, ‘Absolutely no abortions.’
    2. During an August 2021 appearance before the Pima County Republican Club, Masters was asked his position on “the unborn, abortion.” “I’m just unapologetically and unqualifiedly pro-life,” he replied. “From conception?” his questioner asked. “From conception,” Masters responded.

[ON VIDEO] Hear from Masters himself: 
“So I think you do need a federal personhood law.”

“It’s a religious sacrifice to these people. I think it’s demonic. And we’ve got to put a stop to it.”


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