October 29, 2022 Press Releases

HEAR IT FROM HIM: Blake Masters Encourages Ongoing Voter Intimidation

PHOENIX — As reports surface around futile tactics designed to intimidate Arizona voters, Blake Masters has made his support for this undemocratic behavior crystal clear. 

SHOT: Last week, as CNN reported, Masters called for an “army” to intimidate voters:

“And a lot of people saw things that they did not like in 2020, to put it mildly. And so we’re going to have an army. We’re gonna have a lot more eyes and ears and boots on the ground this time.

CHASER: On Tuesday morning, Masters went on the Mike Broomhead Show and encouraged election conspiracists decked out in tactical gear to continue showing up to monitor ballot boxes and filming voters:

“Get your video camera out and record to make sure people aren’t ballot harvesting.”


But here’s the truth: Arizonans won’t stand for this unacceptable behavior that flies in the face of our state’s values. Democrats and Republicans alike agree that Arizona does elections well. That’s why 90% of Arizona voters cast their ballots before election day — including Masters himself.