HEAR IT FROM HIM: 12 Key Masters Moments 12 Days Out From Election Day

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Thursday, October 27, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org
HEAR IT FROM HIM: 12 Key Masters Moments 12 Days Out From Election Day

PHOENIX — Today marks twelve days out from Election Day! To mark the occasion, we put together a compilation of the twelve most telling moments of Blake Masters — in his own words — telling us exactly who he is and what he believes. 

The bottom line: No amount of scrubbing his campaign website can hide the fact that Blake Masters and his dangerous beliefs are a risk Arizonans cannot afford. 

See below to hear it from him: 

1. Masters called to “cut the knot” on seniors’ Social Security on live TV, saying “maybe we should privatize Social Security.”

2. Masters — a man who has never served this country — attacked our military servicemembers, calling them “totally incompetent.”

3. Masters said Dreamers should never be able to become citizens, taking a hardline, unpopular “no citizenship, ever” position.

4. Masters called abortion “demonic” and a “religious sacrifice,” reiterating his intent to completely ban abortion in America without exceptions for rape or incest.

5. Masters doubled down on his election denialism, saying “I still believe” that “Trump won in 2020.” 

6. Masters mocked Arizona’s tribal communities, donning traditional face paint to rap about “cultural insensitivity.”

7. Masters blamed America’s gun violence problem on “Black people, frankly.”


8. Masters called to “punish the doctors” who provide abortion health services to women in need of care. 


9. Masters defended the gender pay gap, arguing that women in America are paid less than men because they’re not the ones who do the “dangerous jobs.” 

10. Masters slammed same-sex marriage, saying “the point” of marriage is procreation.


11. Masters doubled down on his belief that Democrats are “psychopaths.”

12. Masters promoted the Unabomber, encouraging people to “look into” the murderer and domestic terrorist. 


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