Governor Ducey’s Legacy: Corruption and Mismanagement

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Monday, January 10, 2022
Contact: Sarah Guggenheimer,
Governor Ducey’s Legacy: Corruption and Mismanagement

Governor Ducey entered his final year as Arizona’s governor rated the least popular GOP governor in the country, with his administration under investigation by the FBI, and a legacy full of corruption, insider deals, and mismanagement.

In a final attempt to distract from this abysmal legacy, Ducey used today’s State of the State speech to take an entirely unwarranted political victory lap.

Conveniently ignoring that Arizonans are struggling with a higher unemployment rate than most of the country, and a global pandemic that has taken too many lives, Ducey showed once more just how out of touch he is with the real issues facing his state.

As a reminder: Ducey’s administration is under investigation by the FBI after they tried to refund up to $100 million in taxpayer dollars to big corporations represented by one of his political donors, and even fired government employees who stood in the way. Ducey also had his hallmark budget unanimously rejected by the Arizona Supreme Court. And as former President Trump’s favorite punching bag, Ducey has gone quiet even as Trump continues to berate him and stoke lies and conspiracies around an election decided over a year ago.

In response to Ducey’s State of the State, ADP Executive Director Charlie Fisher released the following statement:

“Governor Ducey has spent his time in office prioritizing his political ambitions, his political donors, and his lobbyist friends at the expense of the people he was elected to represent. As Arizonans continue to navigate through an economic downturn and a global pandemic, Ducey has stayed focused on the only thing he cares about: his own career. Regardless of his attempted victory lap in today’s State of the State, there’s nothing Ducey can do to disguise the simple fact that he has failed Arizonans.”


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