GOP Senate Candidates Can’t Seem To Spell Tucson Correctly

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Monday, February 28, 2022
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GOP Senate Candidates Can’t Seem To Spell Tucson Correctly 
“It’s even more embarrassing for Masters, who grew up in the Old Pueblo”

PHOENIX — Word to the wise: If you’re going to run for Senate in Arizona with zero understanding of the state, at least learn how to spell the name of its second-largest city correctly. 
Last Friday, Tucson Weekly published a rundown of the GOP carpetbagging candidates’ inability to do just that.
Check out below or click here to learn more about Blake Masters and Jim Lamon’s spelling woes:

Why are Republican Senate candidates having such a hard time spelling “Tucson” correctly?
First it was gunfighter cosplayer Jim Lamon, who is seeking to challenge Sen. Mark Kelly in November.
Lamon, who was one of the fake electors who were plotting to overturn the 2020 election, got some ink a few weeks back when he misspelled Tucson as “Tuscon” when announcing he was opening a new office, leading to him getting tweaked on Twitter by Arizona Daily Star columnist Tim Steller.
Lamon fixed his spelling errors and then said it was important to get back to talking about “important issues.” Then on Feb. 8, Lamon misspelled Tucson again in a subsequent tweet that was deleted before he could get dragged over the coals again.
After Lamon’s first misspelling, fellow Republican Senate candidate and Thiel Capital minion Blake Masters gave Lamon a lesson in how to spell Tucson.
So you can guess what’s next: Team Masters showed they needed a proofreader of their own. When filing a state of organization for the race with the FEC, the campaign also misspelled Tucson as “Tuscon.” It’s even more embarrassing for Masters, who grew up in the Old Pueblo.
The Masters campaign did not respond to a request for comment from Tucson Weekly. Maybe if we’d spelled it Tuscon Weekly, they would have gotten back to us?


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