GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Want to Mirror Texas Extremists With Anti-Choice Law

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Contact: Morgan Dick,


GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Want to Mirror Texas Extremists With Anti-Choice Law

As AZ braces for post-Roe life, and GOP hopefuls make dangerous promises


PHOENIX – In the wake of the draft opinion from the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, Republicans running for Governor are rejoicing, and once again showing just how out of step they are with Arizonans. 


While millions of Arizonans — the majority of whom support their right to safe and legal abortion — brace themselves for a post-Roe reality, Lake, Taylor-Robson, and Salmon are all planning to take their dangerous anti-choice rhetoric and agendas to the Govenor’s Office.


Extremist Kari Lake is quite literally praising the Supreme Court’s undoing of protections outlined in Roe. Will she uphold her promise of signing an extreme anti choice bill, like S.B. 8 in Texas – we hope not. 


Karrin Taylor Robson is also cementing herself against Arizonans by proclaiming under her leadership that Arizona will remain the most “pro-life state” and similarly called S.B. 8 in Texas “just the beginning.”


Finally, Matt Salmon, who has also promised an Arizona-version of an S.B. 8, a devastating attack on families and the right to an abortion, by simply saying, “I love it.” He further showcased his unequivocal support of tearing down Roe by admitting it’s the reason he “got into politics” saying: “I didn’t know much, but I knew the Republican Party believed in life.” 


We sure wished Matt Salmon and the rest of the Republican candidates knew more about protecting women, pregnant people and medical professionals. Under a post-Roe Arizona, doctors could face prosecution and jail time for providing abortion care to victims of rape or incest. Pregnant people could be forced to cross state lines to seek live saving, legal abortions and reproductive healthcare.


Luckily, Arizona does not have to go in the same direction that the Texas extremists took their state in. Every single Democratic candidate for Governor and Attorney General is steadfastly committed to protecting the constitutional rights of all Arizonans, including the right to an abortion. 



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