FEW DOLLARS, ZERO SENSE: What To Know Ahead of Tomorrow’s #AZSen FEC Deadline

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Friday, October 14, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org

FEW DOLLARS, ZERO SENSE: What To Know Ahead of Tomorrow’s #AZSen FEC Deadline 

Besides His Billionaire Benefactor, Is Masters’ Poor “Candidate Quality” Crushing His Bottom Line?
PHOENIX — Tomorrow marks the third quarter FEC filing deadline and our first opportunity to see the fiscal impact of Blake Masters’ lackluster “candidate quality” since he crawled out of the “bitter” GOP Senate primary in early August.

The process — which Masters previously equated to “Kristallnacht” — is designed to create accountability and transparency and will show Arizonans exactly who is cutting the checks to bankroll Masters’ candidacy, through both his campaign and his Peter Thiel-funded super PAC.

Here’s what to keep in mind ahead of tomorrow’s deadline: 

  • THE OPPOSITE OF MOMENTUM: So far this cycle, Masters’ fundraising — like his candidacy — has been a complete “flop.” In the primary, Masters’ fundraising hauls dwindled each quarter as his name ID rose, indicating that the more folks got to know him, the less inclined they were to boost his bid.
  • FUNDRAISING FALLBACK: Just as he did in the primary, Masters is still relying on his billionaire Big Tech benefactor to power his operation. In the primary, Peter Thiel cut $15 million worth of checks for Masters’ super PAC and threw ritzy dinners in exchange for max-out campaign contributions. More recently, Thiel has hosted several lavish fundraisers and is reportedly throwing another $5 million at his problem protégé in an attempt to get him across the finish line.

What else to look for in Masters’ Q3 report: 

  • Will Masters finally break $2 million in a quarter?
  • Exactly how many notorious homophobes or rape-defending donors hosted events for Blake?
  • Desperate for cash, did Masters lend himself another $450,000 to fund another last-ditch ad buy?
  • Is Masters still employed by Thiel despite claiming to have quit months ago? (Peep his FEC employment listings)
  • Did primary rival and career campaign donor Jim Lamon swallow his pride and finally contribute to the Masters campaign?
  • Did tech bro Blake sell any more NFTs to fund his campaign?
  • Can Masters afford to self-fund anymore after his Crypto investments “tanked?”


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