FACT CHECK: Ducey Uses His ‘State of the State’ to Spread Lies About Pres. Biden’s Strong Record

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Monday, January 10, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org
FACT CHECK: Ducey Uses His ‘State of the State’ to Spread Lies About Pres. Biden’s Strong Record 


PHOENIX — At today’s State of the State speech, America’s least favorite GOP governor delivered a rosy picture of his impact on the state of Arizona. Here’s the thing: If you’ve lived in Arizona at any point during Doug Ducey’s time in office, you know that he’s leaving behind little more than a legacy of corruption, investigations, incompetence, and as of late, a raging pandemic that he continues to prolong with his poor decision-making and unwavering political cowardice.

Ironically enough, none of that made it into his speech — and what he did choose to say was (predictably) riddled with exaggeration, spin, and flat-out lies about one leader who does have a strong record of results: President Joe Biden. 

CLAIM: Joe Biden is “hell-bent” on raising taxes.

FACT: On the contrary: Just weeks into his term, President Biden delivered tax cuts for the families of 1.4 million Arizona children. What’s more: Time and time again, President Biden has reiterated his firm position that families making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a penny more in taxes under his watch. Meanwhile, Ducey cut taxes for his wealthiest friends and practically defunded Arizona public schools in the process.

CLAIM: The Biden administration is doing nothing to address inflation and supply chain issues.

FACT: Lowering costs for Arizona families is one of President Biden’s top priorities, and that’s why he has worked tirelessly to drive down costs — including gas prices — and combat anti-competitive price gouging. And as he’s taken these steps, inflation has begun to cool, supply chain issues are easing, and job growth remains strong.

CLAIM: President Biden has mismanaged the pandemic while Arizona “protected lives” and became a “national model” for vaccination.

FACT: Without the help of a single congressional Republican, President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan provided the funds to fully vaccinate over 200 million Americans. Meanwhile, Arizona’s dismal vaccination rate trails that of neighboring states and the country writ large. While Ducey continues to undermine federal mitigation measures and prolong the pandemic here in Arizona, the Biden administration is deploying every available tool to keep communities safe, including sending tests and front-line federal healthcare workers to our state to clean up Ducey’s mess.

CLAIM: President Biden is unwilling to patrol and secure the border.

FACT: After four years of the previous administration and congressional Republicans’ dismantling and breaking of our immigration system, President Biden and Democrats are working to deliver new solutions. Just last month, Vice President Kamala Harris brought together private sector partners to announce $1.2 billion in critical investments to tackle root causes of migration. While Republicans refuse to offer solutions, President Biden and his administration are working tirelessly to reverse Donald Trump’s disastrous policies and restore an immigration system that is fair and humane.


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