Fact Check: Blake Masters Will NOT Work With Others to Get Things Done For Arizona

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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss, hgoss@azdem.org

Fact Check: Blake Masters Will NOT Work With Others to Get Things Done For Arizona

PHOENIX — Despite his desperate, post-primary posturing as a “True Independent,” Blake Masters has made it clear he has no desire to work with others — Democrats or even Republicans — to get the job done.

Let’s set the record straight: Masters, known for his “fringe,” far-right policy positions, has shamelessly denigrated Democrats, calling them “psychopaths” and vowing not to work with them. Even worse, Masters has repeatedly slammed Republicans for working across the aisle to achieve bipartisan solutions — signaling to Arizonans that he would accomplish nothing in the Senate.

Why it matters: Arizona has a proud tradition of electing independent pragmatists who will work with anyone on behalf of their state to get the job done.

See for yourself: 

[AUDIO] MASTERS: “We do the best we can, we go in, we block his agenda, and we use those two years to play offense because Republicans are going to take back the White House in 2024,” (Fox 8, 9/11/22).

[AUDIO] MASTERS: “Yesterday I released a campaign video where I said that the Democratic leadership in this country are a bunch of psychopaths and a couple of people wanted to say, ‘Whoa, that was hyperbole, Blake, you’re exaggerating.’ It’s like, No, I actually think that they’re psychopaths,” (OAN, 1/27/22).

[AUDIO] MASTERS: “And look, I’m not naïve. I’m not like some: ‘let’s work in a bipartisan fashion.’ I think you can’t work with most Democrats,” (The Charlie Kirk Show, 12/13/21).

[AUDIO] MASTERS: “I will publicly shame any Republican. We got some Republicans that act like Democrats right? Collins, Murkowski, Romney, okay,” (Arizona Debates, 6/18/22).

Vanity Fair: How The Gop’s Bitter Arizona Senate Primary Will Be A Test Of Trump’s Power

  • Noble points to the state’s independent voters, who he says make up between 16 and 18% of the electorate and make it harder for extreme candidates from either party to win statewide. “This is the same state that had Maverick John McCain for decades…”
  • Perhaps Masters, himself, while on a New York radio show in March, explains his gamble best: “John McCain, rest his soul––it’s not his Republican Party in Arizona anymore.”


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