November 2, 2022 Press Releases

Even AG Brnovich — Masters’ GOP Senate Primary Rival — Thinks His Election Denialism Is “Horseshit”

PHOENIX — According to a Sunday night 60 Minutes interview, even Arizona’s Republican Attorney General and notorious Trump sycophant Mark Brnovich agrees that Blake Masters’ baseless election denialism is “horseshit” and “a giant grift.”

Just three months ago, Brnovich lost Trump’s endorsement and ultimately Arizona’s GOP Senate primary to Masters for failing to match Masters’ commitment to promoting the false claim that Trump won the 2020 election.

For “clowns” like Masters, the “grift” didn’t stop there. Last week, Tucker Carlson’s documentary revealed that Masters is still taking his cues from the one-term former president, doubling down on his election denialism after Trump scolded him for going “soft” on claims of fraud on the debate stage. 

For two years now, fraudulent “Stop the Steal” efforts by conspiracy theorists like Blake Masters have plagued Arizona and undermined our secure and trusted voting system. With Sunday’s interview, it’s clear that Blake Masters’ beliefs are so “fringe,” “extreme,” and “dangerous” that a growing number of Arizona Republicans know he can’t be trusted.