In the Midst of AZ GOP Chaos, Donald Trump Bails on Arizona

Today, Arizona Democratic Party Chair Yolanda Bejarano issued the following statement after Donald Trump canceled his planned appearance in Arizona tomorrow:

“Trump bailing on Arizonans comes as no surprise — it’s exactly what he did to families in our state all four years in office, from paving the way for the possibility of a near-total abortion ban to handing out tax breaks to the ultra rich while creating incentives to ship Arizona jobs overseas. Just like the AZ GOP’s toxic agenda, Trump’s extreme vision of ripping away our freedoms and making his ultra-rich friends even richer is exactly why Arizona voters will reject him once again and send President Biden and Vice President Harris back to the White House in November.”

Donald Trump failed Arizonans, and he wants to do it again:

  • Trump promised Arizonans he would bring back manufacturing jobs but instead incentivized corporations to ship jobs overseas and sought to undermine programs to support AZ manufacturing, leading to 170,000 fewer manufacturing jobs than when he started in office.
  • Donald Trump promised Arizonans he’d cut “the hell out of taxes for the middle class” but instead he gifted tax handouts to corporations and gave the ultra-wealthy a windfall — and would do it again if he gets the chance.
  • Donald Trump proudly paved the way for Arizona’s extreme abortion ban that is ripping away reproductive freedoms.
  • Because of Trump, Arizona women could be forced to endure one of the strictest abortion bans in the country.

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