Congressional Corral: Droving stock to MAGA 

Arizona Republicans continue to follow the MAGA Herd, despite attempts to lie about their records
May 10th,2024

ARIZONA–New reports from the Washington Post show that despite MAGA Republicans doing Trump’s bidding, Doanld Trump is failing to invest in organizing in Arizona. It’s Friday, so here’s a round up (corral) of what our Arizona Republicans are up to in order to win Trump’s favor: 

  • Rep. Eli Crane (AZ-02): called President Biden and Democrats “treasonous” today during the Jim Jordan/Ciscomani hearing about the border, despite Crane working to kill the bipartisan border deal. 
  • Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ-05): also attended the Jim Jordan/Ciscomani hearing today, after going on right-wing media to spread anti-immigrant conspiracy theories about the census. 


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