Brnovich Just Reminded Everyone He Cares More About Caving to Trump Than Serving Arizonans

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,
Brnovich Just Reminded Everyone He Cares More About Caving to Trump Than Serving Arizonans 

In a crowded primary field, Brnovich is racing to catch up to his opponents for Trump’s seal of approval

PHOENIX — As the Arizona Republic’s Laurie Roberts pointed out in her column this morning, Arizona Attorney General and GOP Senate primary candidate Mark Brnovich is willing to say or do anything for his own political ambitions — even if it means hanging Arizonans out to dry.
Brnovich’s latest fundraising plea clearly illustrates he’s comfortable fully bending to political pressure to score cheap political points and a few bucks — or in this case, both. Notably, this ad follows his previous acknowledgment that former President Trump lost Arizona, for which Trump repeatedly attacked him.
As a reminder: Brnovich’s latest appeal follows Trump’s Florence rally earlier this month. Brnovich also recently refused to investigate the fake Trump elector scheme to overturn Arizonans’ votes. 
But, in this crowded primary field of election conspiracy theorists where Trump is the dominant issue and “purity test,” Brnovich is stuck trying to catch up to his primary opponents — with Trump’s endorsement being the ultimate prize. Meanwhile, Arizonans continue to watch this out-of-touch primary field focus on an election decided nearly two years ago, instead of the issues that matter most.
“Yet again, ‘lackluster’ Mark Brnovich has shown he is willing to cave to Trump for his own political gain while ignoring the interests of Arizonans,” said ADP Spokesperson Hannah Goss. “Brnovich’s desperate fundraising plea further cements the former president’s central role in this chaotic primary, with Brnovich joining Lamon and Masters in their constant focus on an election that’s been over and done for nearly two years.”



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