Brnovich Blames Blake Masters For All His Bad Press

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Contact: Hannah Goss,
Brnovich Blames Blake Masters For All His Bad Press 
(Not-so) Hot Take: Maybe If Brnovich Were Semi-Competent, Masters Wouldn’t Have So Much Oppo to Work With

PHOENIX — Apparently we’ve already reached the point in the GOP Senate primary where Mark Brnovich is whining about all of his bad press.

Yesterday, a former coworker of Brnovich’s published a scathing condemnation of Blake Masters’ “clearly desperate” strategy of smearing Brnovich’s “lengthy record as a solid conservative” in order to win the primary.

In what reads as a clear appeal to former President Donald Trump, Brnovich’s ally swears that the Attorney General absolutely does believe in the lies and conspiracies about the 2020 election — despite previously acknowledging that Trump lost Arizona in 2020. Notably, this defense comes just days after Trump publicly turned up the pressure on Brnovich to finally “rule on all of the Election Fraud.”  

“Mark Brnovich is so desperate for a positive news cycle that he’s calling in favors with old friends to write puff pieces about him and attack Blake Masters. But Brnovich is kidding himself if he thinks his GOP opponents won’t take every chance to call out his corrupt, incompetent record in this brutal primary. With months to go in this race, two things are clear: Brnovich cares more about pursuing his politically-motivated investigation into the 2020 election than doing his job, and that Masters, desperate to gain some ground in this primary, is doing everything he can to escalate the race and attack his opponents,” said ADP spokesperson Hannah Goss.



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