BREAKING: Arizona Democratic Party Statement on GOP Nominee Kari Lake

For Immediate Release
Friday, August 5th,  2022

Contact: Josselyn Berry,



Arizona Democratic Party Launches Digital Video Underscoring Kari Lake’s Extreme Record


PHOENIX–Today the Arizona Democratic Party launched a digital video highlighting the extreme record of Kari Lake, the official GOP nominee for governor. The video, titled “Extreme” focuses on Kari Lake’s well established and documented extreme, fringe record on everything from abortion to guns to election lies.


Watch the Video Here

Watch the Video Here

“Kari Lake is coming out of this primary battered, bruised and with so much MAGA baggage that it’s nearly impossible for her to appeal to the moderate and independent voters she’ll need to win,” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party.  “In the last several months, Lake has shown how extreme and out-of-step her agenda for Arizona is, from banning abortion to pushing election lies, all while ignoring the real issues that Arizona voters care about, like rising cost of living, our drought, teacher shortages and more. We need a governor who will fight for Arizona, not an extreme, right-wing agenda.” 


Read Below for More Background on Kari Lake’s Extreme Agenda: 


Fealty to the Trump Agenda, not Arizonans- It’s clear Kari Lake has always been out to win the approval of Donald Trump–Arizona voters not so much. She’s spewed out a consistent stream of 2020 election conspiracy theories and has been sowing the idea that if she loses the primary it’s due to fraud.


Lake Is So Obsessed With The 2020 Election That She Has Said It Is The Single Most Important Issue In Arizona Over Immigration, Water, The Economy And Taxes–Lake often states “election integrity” is her “number one priority,” stating that “if we don’t have a fair election, nothing else matters.” Lake has said the sort of things that “don’t matter” if she doesn’t address “election integrity,” are basic governance issues for Arizona like education, taxes, and fixing Arizona’s water shortage. 


Kari Lake is an Abortion Radical Against Most Exceptions and Supports Criminalizing Doctors–Lake has said she is 100% pro-life, suggesting she opposes exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother, and has referred to abortion as murder. When asked if she supported exceptions for rape and incest, Lake said: “I don’t believe that any child should be killed in a mother’s womb” and that “life is sacred and you don’t mess with what God wants.” Lake backs Arizona’s pre-statehood, century-plus-old abortion ban, which does not have exceptions for rape or incest, and criminalizes providers who perform abortion punishable by two to five years in prison. 


Lake Is An Extreme Supporter Of Gun Rights, Even Entertaining Introducing Dangerous Weapons Like Rocket Launchers To The Public–Lake has pledged not to sign any new gun safety legislation in Arizona if elected governor, and in fact she wants to roll back what already exists in the state. Lake opposed red flag laws, which help keep guns from domestic abusers.  One of Lake’s few concrete policy proposals is a plan to eliminate the sales tax for gun and ammo purchases, making deadly weapons cheaper to purchase. In a video, Lake even entertained the possibility that ownership of rocket launchers was covered by the second amendment.

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